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  • Wsacco New Board Chairperson And Supervisory Committee Take Over Office

    Capt Charles Kabona & 2Lt Jude Wandera

    A total of 9 and 3 newly elected WSACCO Board and Supervisory Committee members  respectively have today 20th  april taken  over their tasks at a hand over ceremony  at WAZALENDO office in Kiwatule.

    The ceremony was presided over by  Maj Gen James Mugira , Managing Director of National Enterprises Cooperation.

    While officiating the handover ceremony Gen  Mugira Congratulated WSACCO for acquiring her own new home. And pointed out that the main aim of  handovers is to strengthen accountability which in the long run enables the outgoing chairpersons account for their  performance throughout their  tenure.

    Gen Mugira congratulated the incoming members and added that being elected is a sign of trust members have entrusted in you, so don’t disappoint us.

    He Further explained the merits of SACCOS which include; enabling  members create opportunities and   take responsibilities  for their  own financial obligations; members   have a sense of ownership since they can elect who to lead them and how he/she should do it; Money from SACCOs  rotate amongst themselves ; members can  access  loans of low  interest rates better than commercial banks. He also added that members have   pride in the SACCOs.

    The outgoing Board Chairperson Brig Ddiba Ssentongo assured the new Board members  that he will be around for any assistance whenever he is contacted;  so that the major goal of WSACCO is pushed higher.

    He pointed out that  Wazalendo SACCO  has registered many achievements including increased membership, increased saving and acquiring her own infrastructures among others.

    Brig Ddiba advised the incoming Board  and SUPCO members to strengthen the existing business plan and by-laws for the SACCO to achieve greater heights.

    Incoming Chairperson Brig Sam Kavuma thanked the Former Chairmen  for their tireless efforts, skills and sacrifices they made to see that the SACCO  goes ahead ; he pointed out that without such zeal the organization would not have made it.

    Brig Kavuma called upon team work, to all Board  and SUPCO members  throughout their tenure and he said that  himself is a team  player.   “Members , in whatever you do, you should know that you are working for you own not as hired outsiders. Follow the footprints of our predecessors”, said Kavuma .

    Brig Kavuma promised to cooperate with the management, SUPCO and strategic Leadership for future Progress of the SACCO.

    In coming SUPCO chairperson Brig Emmanuel Musinguzi said that today Soldiers have seen the importance of SACCO, to the fact that at least there is a soldier getting a loan on a daily basis in his Unit .

    Musinguzi recommended the outgoing SUPCO Chairperson for the Job well done, and promised to  link WSACCO with  UPDF strategic leadership and hence emphasized to promote saving culture more.

    The new WAZALENDO SACCO BOARD AND SUPCO MEMBERS  as elected in 10TH AGM 23rd March 2016 At UMEC (Lugazi) are:


    1. Brig    SAM KAVUMA                       Chairman
    2. Lt Col CHRIS OGUMIRAKI               V/Chairman
    3. Capt    JERO MUHENDO                   Treasurer
    4. Lt        SAADAH NAMATOVU          Member (GENDER)
    5. Capt   JULIUS N MAKYENE              Member (NORTHERN)
    6. Capt   PETER T METTERNIC          Member (WESTERN)
    7. Lt        SIMON LUKE OPOLOT         Member (EASTERN)
    8. 2Lt      NORAH ONGODIA                Member (CENTRAL)
    9. Sgt     OSUKU PETER                        Member (WEST NILE)



    1. Brig     EMMANUEL MUSINGUZI              Chairman
    2. Maj      AK KWEZI                                       V/Chairman
    3. Maj      DENIS KAGYENDO                         Secretary

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