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    Today 2nd May 2024
    Wazalendo SACCO delegates and staff have graduated after four day’s training on Development Educators (DE) program focusing on the SACCO business model and Philosophy. The training that took place from 29th April to 2 May 24 at Imperial Golf View Hotel in Entebbe was organised by Africa Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Associations (ACCOSCA) in conjunction with the Uganda Cooperatives Savings Credit  Union(UCSCU).
    While closing the training, the ACCOSCA Executive Officer Mr George Ombado revealed that the training has introduced participants to understanding the SACCO business model and philosophy and deepened the participant’s understanding of SACCO structure and also built their capacity in mapping out  members’ needs. According to Mr Ombado, the training also introduced participants to ways of dealing with members’ expectations from the stand point of  leaders of SACCOs. 
    “Our presence here reflects our efforts to continuously professionalize the SACCO movement in Uganda and the continent as a whole” Said Mr Ombado. 
    The Chief Executive Officer of UCSCU Mr Sylvester  Ndiroramukama  appreciated the ACCOSCA leadership for considering  the empowerment of SACCOs in Uganda. He added that the training focused on cooperative identity, SACCO philosophy and importance of the members as the main pillar on which SACCO build their sustainability. 
    Mr Ndiroramukama applauded Wazalendo SACCO for having invested in the program by inviting ACCOSCA through UCSCU to have the training happen in Uganda. He further appreciated Wazalendo SACCO leadership for always priotizing investing in training of their Members, delegates, management and leaders which is reflected in the SACCOs performance. 
    The Chief executive Officer of Wazalendo SACCO Col Joseph Freddy Onata commended ACCOSCA for recognising that Uganda needs transformation and that such transformation can only be achieved through training of SACCO leaders, delegates and members across the country so that they are able to make good decisions and act in the best interest of the members. He encouraged trainees to go back to their SACCO and transfer the knowledge acquired to the entire membership if the training is to be impactful. 
    Col Onata used the occasion to ask SACCO leaders to support ACCOSCA and UCSCU efforts in transforming  lives through the training of cooperative movement. 
    The Chairperson of Uganda Revenue Authority-URA Ms Stella Oguti appreciated the organizers of the training for the wealth of information that was shared regarding SACCO especially on the deleberate efforts required to grow SACCOs and to empower the members. 
    The 4 days’ intense training was attended by 50 participants from  Wazalendo SACCO, Exodus SACCO, URA SACCO, Steadfin SACCO and the Franciscan Investment Cooperative (FIC). 
    By Charity N Namanya 
     *Public Relations Manager WSACCO.*

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