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  • Loan Granting Procedures


    All loan applications will be written on standardized forms supplied by Wazalendo SACCO. The loan application should indicate:
    1. Name and Army Number
    2. Membership Number
    3. Loan amount applied for
    4. Purpose
    5. Personal Particulars e.g. present Unit; Division; Dep’t/section; Home address; Date of membership in Wazalendo SACCO.
    6. Member’s financial status at Wazalendo and bank account where a member obtains his/her salary.
    7. Signature of member and a minimum of 2 guarantors
    8. Fully filled application Form with a passport photo attached to it


    The application shall initially be assessed by Wazalendo branch loan committees at various Divisions of UPDF. Thereafter, they will be submitted to Wazalendo Head Office – Kiwatule for final approval or disapproval.


    Management encourages members that all approved loans be obtained through the member’s bank account in which he/she receives salary payment. This is to reduce time spent in traveling to GHQ Bombo as well as reducing member’s expenditure on traveling.
    Members therefore are requested to indicate on top of the loan application form, the following details:
    • Name of Bank and Branch
    • Bank Account Number
    This will help Wazalendo to make payment to you through your bank account.