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  • ATM & Inter-Switch Services

    WSACCO ATMs And Interswitch Services – A countrywide network

    Through inter-switch services with 14 of our partner banks WSACCO ATM card can be used in over 300 ATM machines countrywide to carry out the following transactions
    • Withdrawalspostbank_map
    • Balance inquiries

    Our partner banks include
    • Centenary Bank
    • United Bank of Africa,
    • Cairo Bank
    • DFCU Bank
    • Opportunity Bank
    • Guarantee Trust Bank (GT),
    • Orient Bank,
    • NC Bank Uganda
    • FINCA Uganda
    • Finance Trust Bank
    • Top Finance Bank
    • CBA Imperial Bank
    • Post Bank

    Transacting Business through an ATM
    • Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the withdrawal and any related fees
    • You cannot transfer funds to another member’s account (including family members) via an ATM
    • There are daily ATM cash limits
    • Please do not deposit coins into an ATM
    • Keep receipts and monitor transactions on your account through your monthly statements
    • Along with the cash, be sure to take your card and receipt with you at the end of your transaction(s)
    • Do not share your PIN

    Precautions when Using ATM
    •Be cautious about things which are near ATM, confirm first that there is no unique equipment, because sometimes the equipment can be spying on you.
    •Use your hand to cover the ATM screen so that anything that is put there to capture your PIN fails to view it clearly.
    •It is advisable NOT to visit ATM machines very late at night. This is because nights are mostly used by thieves.
    •In case you get a problem when using ATM, first remove the card and insert it in and press again.
    •Don’t allow any body to assist you operate the ATM especially, if you have not requested her/him.
    •In case the machine swallows the card, don’t simply go. Call the phone number that is placed inside where there is ATM and wait from there until you get assistance from the bank.
    •In case you put your card in the ATM machine and it does not move smoothly, don’t force it just remove it, and inform bank officials. You might find that some “bafere” could have placed an equipment inside the machine to spy on you.
    •If your card gets lost, inform the concerned authorities immediately, and ask them to restrict your account, and then follow what the bank authorities advise you to do.
    •In case you suspect spying equipment placed at ATM machine don’t remove it; but inform bank authorities.

    Process for replacement of lost ATM.
    •Report the loss or theft of an ATM card as quickly as possible to the nearest police post and obtain a police report.
    •Take the police report to the nearest WSACCO branch.
    •Fill in a ATM replacement form at the branch.
    •Attach the original police report plus the photocopy of your identity card on to the ATM card replacement form and hand them over to the branch manager. The branch manager will process and forward to WSACCO Head Office for the card replacement.

    ATM Frequently Asked Questions

    A. In order to change your PIN, you have to go to the networked branches. These are Mubende, Mbarara, Masindi,Moroto, Gulu, and Bombo.

    A. Contact our customer service personnel and cancel your card immediately, and thereafter come with your I.D and a police statement. Still, this has to be done at the Networked branches as listed above.eo.

    A. Insert the ATM card into the machine and request for a Balance Inquiry. The available balance on the printout is the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw.

    A. Immediately, change your current PIN Number.

    A. Contact our Customer Service personnel. .